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Everest Base Camp trip

Robbie will be trekking to Everest Base Camp at the end of September to raise funds for Garden House Hospice - a fantastic local service providing care and support for patients and their families - and a charity close to their hearts. Roberta Giacovelli (Robbie) is the owner of Robbie’s Dog Walking. Based in Letchworth, Robbie offers a fantastic pet sitting/walking service in and around the local area which is becoming increasingly popular among the more discerning members of the pet owning community. Robbie is always up for a challenge, having climbed Ben Nevis earlier this year.

A team of 7 will be attempting this trek. First comes the flight onto the 9,400 ft high Lukla airstrip. Then comes the walk, at high altitude. We know for sure that Robbie can walk. For many, many miles. In fact she does this on a daily basis. The question is, can she really walk without four or five excited dogs pulling her along?

We're actually quite surprised that Robbie's chosen a dog-less challenge - maybe she thinks there will be a load of huskies on-site to pull her along. Shhh everyone - let's not tell!

Robbie has promised us that she won't be smuggling any dogs or cats onto the trip under her ski jacket. We have made her solemnly swear that no pets will be harmed during her challenging walk to Base Camp. She is only allowed to take a photo of her beloved animals.

Check out the pictures below...

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